Sundar Pichai aborda temas quentes do Android

Sundar Pichai é nesta altura uma personalidade com enorme influência no futuro tecnológico que iremos conhecer dentro de alguns anos. Em conversa com Walt Mossberg (actualmente no TheVerge) falou sobre a Google, abordando os temas mais importantes do mesmo: Nexus, inteligência artificial, e os OEM.
Sobre os Nexus:

We today do it as Nexus devices. That’s the plan. They’re not made by us, but we are investing more effort into them. And so you will see us put a lot more thought into our Nexus devices going forward. There are categories beyond phones that we are doing, like Google Chrome and Chromecast and so on.

So I’ll think we’ll be opinionated where we need to be to push the category forward.

For example, today when we ship Nexus phones, we just ship stock Android on Nexus phones. You know, you will see us actually thoughtfully add more features on top of Android on Nexus phones. So there’s a lot of software innovation to be added.

We could be more opinionated about the design of the phones. … Our plan is to still work with OEMs to make phones.

Fica assim posta de parte a possibilidade de termos um maior envolvimento da Google no processo de fabrico. A aposta será no software e nos funcionalidades.

Serviços de mensagem multi-plataforma:

On a platform level and an Android level, we call it RCS and its an evolution of SMS. So we are working with carriers to evolve the platforms so you have an interoperable messaging standard. We would love to support that and we do that, but it’s not a Google service. It’s an open platform level thing.

I would love to see messaging services be more interoperable. You know, I would love to see users on iOS be able to message users on Android. I think it benefits both of us. Hopefully we as an industry head in that direction.

Os SMS podem e devem evoluir para um novo sistema de mensagens que seja possível de utilizar

A importância da Samsung no mundo Android:

I’ve always felt a strong Samsung is important for Android. I think they drive the high-end of computing on the Android side. But Android is a very open ecosystem. The answer may not be a global one player answering it in every part of the world. You’ve had great examples of many, many regional players in places like India and China … that serve the needs of the market very, very well.

Android is an enabler.

A Samsung tem um elevada importância, mas os negócios locais são cada vez mais importantes. As pequenas marcas chinesas que o digam.

A Amazon e o Android:

Android is a large-scale open platform. As an Android open platform, they do [use our product]. And enable [using Android as a base].

O Android é uma plataforma aberta...

O futuro do YouTube:

We see YouTube as very much part of Google. The transition [for the market] to video cuts across everything we do. You know, we don’t feel any loss of momentum. Our numbers are exceptionally strong.

We are focused on premium content. We are creating our own shows. We’ll probably have — over the course of this year — maybe twenty original shows produced for YouTube, for YouTube Red.”

O vídeo é um negócio cada vez mais importante e a aposta nos conteúdos próprios uma realidade.

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